Friday, December 2, 2011

Tej Kohli and Direct Marketing Technologies

Tej kohli born on August 17th, 1958 in New Delhi, India. He created Grafix Software, among the first companies to integrate all phases of online brand development. Grafix created a comprehensive suite of design services, internet marketing tools and interactive software, quickly gaining a reputation amongst its clientele being a ‘one-stop shop’ to get a small business successfully online. With all the increase of e-Commerce inside late 1990s, Grafix developed innovative gateway software for e-payments and purchases administration. Within a number of years, Grafix became among the top e-business consulting and Website marketing firms on the planet.
Tej kohli also an innovator of direct marketing technologies who founded tej kohli indros group, an interactive direct marketing firm that designed rich-media advertising and internet-based affinity marketing technologies. This technologies utilizing advanced one-to-one communications to address complex marketing challenges, both online and offline.
In 2005, Indros Group invested heavily in R&D to build up the next generation in multi-channel marketing technology. Because of this, twelve months later tej kohli easypurl was given birth to in 2006 and also knowing as With support from a veterans of the interactive world craigs list ten years of expertise in direct response, tej kohli, Easypurl gained a reputation as a possible expert in devising cutting-edge methods to help direct marketers better measure and increase the performance of their traditional marketing campaigns.
Using this type of technologies, tej kohli easypurl can rapidly begin a one-to-one dialog with every prospect and customer, as you were talking with them individually, by a powerful combination of personalization, monitoring, measurability and follow-up, configured within an cart-style menu that gives maximum flexibility.
More over, tej kohli easypurl end up being the leading provider of cross-media marketing software and services.'s provides dynamic, world class marketing solutions powered with the sophisticated automated marketing platform on the market, innovative technologies allow marketers to create and manage Campaigns including Personalized URLs, QR Codes and Dynamic landing pages.