Sunday, October 2, 2011

Droneme for all

Droneme® is an open place to express your self and say what you can not say somewhere else, also allow you to say something to the ones you don't know while you are in a place or specific location.
This is a social media, freedom, ideas, opinions site where you can post anonymously. Social media mean, you can post, share, tag, like, etc. but with Droneme® you don't need to register, you can shout your ideas or opinions to the world, just like whatever you want.
Without registered needed, there is no more worry about loosing password, login to our account or fill any form. All we need to do just go to the home page, make some post or upload our greatest car picture (or anything else you can imagine) then share with the other, make comments to other post and it's done, easy and fun.
More over with Droneme® we got our freedom, there is no more fear that someone will look at our personal identity, because sometimes we just want to said something without the world know who we are. After we post whatever in our minds as we want, then it will be distributed on Facebook, Twitter and home page for 12, 24 or 69 hours only. After that, the post will be gone.
So, with Droneme there is nothing permanent, it will gone after some time and we decide how long it will stay. This make a good control for their users because their post will not give any trouble in the future.


The Girlie Blog said...

Sounds great. Thanks for sharing.